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Smart Watch for Women
with multiple sports modes
Imilab Smart Watch Gorgeous Design for Work and Play
Customize Watch Face | 30 Day Battery | 9 Sports Modes | Female Caring | 24hr Biometric Tracker
1.09″ Full Circle, Vivid Field of Vison
IMILAB Smart Watch is a versatile all-in-one smart watch with a vibrant 240×240 HD display. It is thinner and lighter than ever before, all while being flexible and smooth at your fingertips. Arrives with support for 7 languages – French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and Arabic.
180mAh Battery Life
More charge time, less worrying. The IMILAB Smart Watch delivers full 180mAh of battery life without sacrificing functionality. Powering a watch this smart with a array of features.
Your choice and ability to accurately track workout status with real-time low-consumption sensors.
Control the IMILAB smart Watch through the GloryFit App
The IMILAB Smart Watch W11 is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The initial setup is simple: we set up our profile and added our smart watch to the app.
Bigger Sensors with built in Alarm
Focused on your cardiovascular health? The IMILAB Smart Watch W11 monitors your heart through every part of the day. Get the most from your workouts, whether swimming, cycling or other activities. The IMILAB Smart Watch tracks your progress with 9 sport modes and customizable tracking.
13 Supported Workout Modes
Built-in low consumption sensors, accurate workout status that can be tracked in real-time.
Customize Watch Face
Creating your exclusive watch face, with any dial design or any time just for you personally
Female caring
With accurate intelligent algorithm to record predict and track, steps of every cycle data. Women have complete control over analysis to improve every aspect of their health.
Scientific Guidance with a complete analysis
With accurate intelligent algorithm to record predict and track, steps of every cycle data. Women have complete control over analysis to improve every aspect of their health.
IP68 Waterproof
Don’t worry about a splash of water breaking your watch. With a fully sealed structure, it can withstand hand washing and sweat.
The world is in your hands
Customized dial, freeze the moment of beauty, your world is defined by you.
For the latest in Home Security.
Imilab Online
The imilab EC4 gateway camera is available in 1-5 camera combination.
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