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Wireless Outdoor
Security System
Actively keeps threats away from your home.
3K HDR | Night Vision | Active Deterrence | PIR Detection | Two-way Talk | IP66 Weatherproof | Rotating 270° Views
Multiple Scenarios
With IP66 weatherproof design and multiple placement options, the IMILAB EC3 can be installed in a variety of environments and locations.
3K Full HDR Video & H.265 Compression
The 3K sensor and advanced IR algorithms provide crystal clear video both day and night.
The cutting-edge H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth & storage space, and prolongs the battery life.
Diversified Storage
Video is easily stored and accessed through MicroSD storage. The EC3 might format your storage device, please backup your personal data before initial use.
Two-way Talk
The built-in speaker and microphone with echo cancellation allows you to
interact with pets and family, or dissuade unwelcomed guests.
microfone (Demo)


Your choice of Wireless or LAN installation, IP65 dustproof and waterproof, AI humanoid detection, remote voice intercom and smart siren.
Clear Filters
EC3 Wireless Design
Clear Filters
EC3 Packaging
EC3 Concept
Built-in WiFi Hub. 270° Rotation View | Advance Night Vision | Customize Zone | PIR Detection | 110dB Smart Siren | IP66 | 3K HDR
Built-in WiFi Hub. 270° Rotation View | Advance Night Vision | Customize Zone | PIR Detection | 110dB Smart Siren | IP66 | 3K HDR

See in More Crisp Detail

IMILAB EC3 offers first class quality design with IP66 waterproof feature. It’s designed captures wider scenes with a rotating 270° field of view in 3K HDR.

No more false alarms with Human Detection

With advanced AI Human Detection, you’ll know immediately when movement is detected from humans—not animals or objects. IMILAB EC3 spots potential intruders quicker while reducing false alarms.

Built-in Hotspot & 2 Way Call

With IMILAB EC3 outdoor security camera has a built-in WiFi Hub as well as LAN connectivity. Wifi connection is not limited, you can easily access the internet inside and outside the house. Press the button on the App, there’s two-way call equipped with noise filter technology. Easy to talk to who stand in-front of your door or backyard without face to face.
We have applied the most recent industry best security technologies to our manufacturing process and we aim to provide our customers with long-lasting and stylish-looking smart security products that will make your life easier.
2-270 (Demo)

270° Field of View

2-siren (Demo)

Smart 110dB Siren

ec2a-ico3 (Demo)

Real-Time Two-Way Audio


Installation + configuration in 2 minutes, and I already have the surveillance of my apartment on my app on my phone anytime and anywhere with a very clear image. And the audiovisual interaction is interesting. Still other features to discover of course. Strong recommendation.


For a camera priced this good, this has a very nice daytime picture… and a shockingly good night time picture. Things I like:• The daytime picture is very nice. It has a super wide field of view, and the picture is clean and sharp.• The daytime color is dead on accurate. No glowing yellow whites or blues. It is perfect color.• The night time view is stunning in low light. I have a street light about a fifty meters away in the alley that lights up the road back there. The sidewalk is dark…very dark. This camera does not switch to IR mode because it has enough light to stay.


“I purchased two such cameras for monitoring my home during the summer. Birds tend to nest close-by, which is why I am replacing an older camera. So, it has only alerted me to people arriving at my door. I feel satisfied so far with the camera’s performance.”


Great security cam especially for someone who doesn’t wanna run a ton of cables or use a nvr. Just plug it in and get it connected to wifi and your basically ready to go and you can check on it basically whenever plus it can be turned from the app giving you huge coverage potential. Do wish it could zoom a bit more but honestly this is a sweet camera.


I like this camera so far. Yes, I’m including pics of it not mounted, but that’s mostly because I still need to get an SD card for it and it will be easier to put in before I have it mounted. I HAVE downloaded the app and plugged it in and tested it though, and I already like the quality of the camera and picture quite a lot. This is a great camera for the price, and I love that it can go outdoors and serve as a wifi hotspot as well. My only real complaint where this camera is concerned – and the reason why I’m giving it four stars instead of five – is that the instructions were very basic.

IMILAB EC3 offers first class quality design with IP66 waterproof feature. It’s designed to withstand any extreme weather condition that mother nature has planned from rain, snow, and to extreme hot temperatures.
ec2c-ico7 (Demo)

AI Human Detection

ec2c-ico2 (Demo)

Advanced 3K FULL HDR

ec2a-ico4 (Demo)

IP66 Water & Dust Tight Proof

For the latest in Home Security.
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