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The Smart Automated Security Experts. Your Home Fortified with
Reliable IoT Secure technology


Protect your home with IMILAB’s outdoor surveillance system


Protect your home with IMILAB’s indoor surveillance system


Your life organised with IMILAB’s range of smart watches


Technology to protect and safe guard your home and loved ones

We focus heavily on Innovation

Listen and talk to your visitors and guests

Greet visitors and guests at your doorstep or talk to family in real-time from anywhere. Just tap open the app and say hello, or listen in to anyone in front of the camera.

Track and monitor motions that are important to you

IMILAB cameras automatically captures movement while sending you notifications and real-time video recording. Activity Zone allow you to track action in essential areas, so you only receive alerts that matter to you.

Capture and view crisp FULLHD video from anywhere

You can always count on IMILAB to give you a clear view. Advanced Night Vision enables you to see in true 1080p HD Day and night and no matter the conditions Rain, shine or snow.

Build Your Smart Home

360° Coverage with AI Human Detection and smooth and quiet monitoring.

We focus heavily on continuing to
Innovate by Improving
our renowned smart
home solutions.


IMILAB aims to be more than a market leader in smart home security solutions. Our goal is to pioneer the best smart home technologies through constant research and innovation. This means constantly creating products that protect, inspire, connect, and integrate seamlessly into the lives of our customers.


IMILAB wants to build a world where you and your home are always connected. It’s a place where you can be sure that your loved ones and your most prized possessions are safe, regardless of where you are. But this connection goes beyond just security. It’s the effortless ability to control your living space and make it your own.


The founding members of IMILAB come from private, public Information technology companies as well as government sectors. Our team consists of top product engineers, architects and senior technical experts. Every new product we invent, service we create, or store we open is the result of people working together to make each others’ ideas stronger.


Pioneering Smart Home
Security and More

care beyond security
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