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Frequently Asked Questions


We gathered the best of our product experts’ knowledge to make sure we answer all of your questions.

General Questions

How big is the IMILAB security product?

The specific size is subject to the product description.

Does the IMILAB security device need a power cord to work?

Yes, the security equipment (cameras) needs to be connected to the power supply via the supplied cable.

Does the IMILAB device use batteries? If so, how long does it take to recharge?

The battery camera EC2 model is fully charged within 6-8 hours, and other IMILAB Security products need to be connected to the power supply all the time.

Is there any additional cost for the IMILAB security products?

We offer 7 days of free cloud storage for all devices. There is no extra charge.

IMILAB security device need to be connected to a computer during installation?

The IMILAB security devices do not need to be connected to the computer. The devices are bound and connected through the MiHome App which is available through iTunes and Google Play Store.

How can I get help setting up and installing the IMILAB security devices?

You may refer to the booklet instructions provided with each IMILAB product and packaging or alternatively you may refer to the above section/s for all installation help.

Do I require a Wi-Fi connection to setup my IMILAB security devices?

The IMILAB security device/s must be connected to Wi-Fi before it can be installed and used, refer to the instruction manual for setup.

If my Wi-Fi password changes, what do I need to do?

(1) If your camera is still online via an Ethernet connection, you can log in to the MiHome app and change the Wi-Fi configuration via Device Settings.
(2) Please reset your camera and follow the configuration process again.

How much of my outgoing Wi-Fi bandwidth does IMILAB consume?

When the video is set to HD, the average bandwidth consumption is 1Mbps. If it is set to SD, the average bandwidth consumption is 512kbps. (Bandwith requirements can vary by model, as higher resolutions require a higher bandwith.)

Installation Questions

What’s the smartphone system requirement for the MiHome & IMILAB app?

For iOS, the system version should be 9.0 or above. For Android, the system version should be 5.0 or above.

How do I add my camera to a new MiHome or IMILAB account?

For security reasons, a camera can be bound to only one MiHome or IMILAB account. If you want to transfer your camera to a new account, please delete it from the previous account/s first. This is dependent of model of security camera your are using. The IMILAB C20 and C30 security cameras utilize the IMILAB App and for all remaining models utilize the MiHome App.

I am unable to access my security camera remotely?

(1) Please make sure your camera is connected to internet.
(2) Please make sure your smartphone has internet access. If not, please check the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network configuration of your smartphone.
(3) If your smartphone’s signal is too weak, you may not able to view your remote camera as well. If your internet speed is good but you still cannot stream the camera, please contact .

What tools are required to install the IMILAB range of security products?

All mounting screws and adhesive backing are provided. All that is required is a screw driver.

Technology Questions

Can my IMILAB security equipment withstand high & low temperatures?

The working temperature environment of the IMILAB Security equipment is suitable to be used between – 10 ° and +50 ° according to each product description please refer to the user manual provided for each model.

Do IMILAB devices use Bluetooth to connect?

When you first turn on the device and try setup/bind your device. Bluetooth will need to turned on activated to enable quick binding and setup of your device.

What video quality does IMILAB devices support?

IMILAB security products come with 720p, 1080p FULLHD, 2K FULLHD, 3K FULLQHD resolution depending on the model of security camera equipment. If you require further information on product description and resolution, please refer to each model available on

Are IMILAB security products certified and approved by FCC ?

All our security devices are certified and approved by FCC recommendations.

Product Usage

If my smartphone does not have WiFi connection, can I still see my cameras?

NO. Your smart device/s require Wi-Fi or Mobile carrier provided data connection is required to access your IMILAB live stream security cameras.

Will my IMILAB device send me push notifications without an Internet connection?

NO. Internet connection is required to access push notifications.

Can I record and store video on my camera?

YES. This will dependent on the type of model of IMILAB security camera you have purchased. The IMILAB EC2 model stores the video via MicroSD card located on the Gateway, other models the MicroSD card is located on the camera itself.

Do I need a WiFi connection to set up the IMILAB device?



How many devices can you have on one MiHome or IMILAB account?

There is no limitation on the number of devices you can add.

Device has been bound by ***@**” when adding camera to my account.

For customer privacy reasons, one device can be added only by one account. If the device was added by other account, you cannot add it again.
(1) If you want to add it to a new account, you must delete it from previous account first.
(2) If you forgot your account details, please send a picture of the device label with the serial number and purchase receipt clearly visible to, and tell us where you bought it.

How to delete my camera from the account?

One method to delete camera from your account, firstly login into your MiHome or IMILAB App account on your mobile device.
(1) Method 1:go to your app and open the device preview page then click … icon on the top right corner, slide to the bottom then remove device.

How do I update the device's firmware?

Log in to your account in the MiHome app, go to the device preview page then click the … icon in the top right corner. Slide down the page you will see “check for firmware update. Now, select the Firmware update option to check for new firmware. If new firmware is available, you’ll be able to start the update.
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